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Sometimes the best solution is to ask for an outside expert opinion. If you have a strategic initiative that’s stalled, a management challenge that’s creating a roadblock, work habits that offer more headaches than results, or that thing that you just can’t put your finger on, contact Tara.

Clients say that what they value most is Tara's ability to make strategies real and actionable. She helps executives to pivot and see rapid results. Tara understands their business and guides them to take action, lead better, and achieve objectives. 


We were delighted with how quickly Tara learned our business. Following her rigorous process for developing strategy, we arrived at a set of strategic objectives and built senior leadership consensus via Tara's honest and effective facilitation of our meetings, and synthesis of the work into a logical plan.
- Richard P. Syretz, Jr. COO & CFO, Ideal Innovations, Inc.

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