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Charting the Course

CEO Tools to Align Strategy and Operations

Charting the Course book front cover

Strategy is integral to a successful organization. But without strong execution, even a well-defined strategy can fall apart. Executive teams that combine actionable strategy with operational depth are the ones most likely to stay the course and deliver long-standing results. 


Charting the Course makes it easier for CEOs and executives to connect strategic thinking with actions that work on the ground. Recognizing there are many routes to achieve the destination, the authors provide a comprehensive set of tools that allow leaders to deal with shifts and changes along their strategic journeys. Charting the Course is the CEO’s companion guide - it enhances leaders’ ability to move forward with confidence and accelerate performance for themselves and their teams. 

"This toolbox is a go‐to reference for executives not only to think about strategy, but also how to effectively implement it. You will learn to connect theory with what works in practice to solve a variety of the most common business challenges. Few authors have tackled strategy development and execution in this way. It’s a must‐have for CEOs!"

- Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two‐time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world. NYT bestselling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There. 

With Charting the Course, leaders gain: 

  • Enhanced ability to think and act strategically, while navigating what this means on the ground

  • Tools to manage a variety of strategic and operational challenges as they arise

  • Deeper understanding of how the parts come together to align strategy and operations

  • Greater alignment of teams and a shared understanding of the language and practice of strategy

Charting the Course book back and front covers
Tara Rethore Photo
Catherine Langreney Photo

Tara Rethore and Catherine Langreney understand the criticality of strategy and the link to operations for a successful business. With the depth and breadth acquired first as senior executives and then, as strategic advisors and coaches, they know that running a business today is complex and ever-changing.  


A recognized expert in strategy, governance, and executive leadership, Tara has been leading strategy development and execution globally both within organizations and as a consultant. She guides executives, CEOs, and boards in lifting strategy out of the abstract and into action. 


After leading a global division, several country businesses, and a global function in several industries within multinational companies, Catherine now advises others to ensure operations are effectively executed against approved strategy. 


Catherine and Tara met as executives in a Fortune 500 company, where they were both tasked with driving strategy forward in ways that made sense on the ground. They quickly discovered they had similar ways of thinking, collaborating, and addressing significant, complex business challenges. Both working parents, they also created a lasting bond while navigating the delicate balance of executive leadership and family. 

Learn more about Tara and Catherine


"Terrific book: well-written, practical, and thorough! Tara Rethore & Catherine Langreney tackle the ongoing challenge of aligning operations and strategy with clarity and common sense. Rethore & Langreney appropriately highlight the fundamentals and provide practical frameworks and tools to guide leaders. Great resource for all executives."

— Steve Van Arsdell, Retired CEO, Deloitte & Touche LLP & Active Board Member of both public and private entities 

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