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Give Thanks

As many of you know, I love Thanksgiving. The holiday is all about taking time to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and yes, customers. In fact, I wrote about that here. This year, as the world and our workplaces seem more divided, the holiday feels even more important.

Once again, this has been a year filled with challenges. Still, as we gather together in the US, it is worth reflecting on the year’s unusual blessings, too. No doubt you can cite examples of customers you served well, staff who went above and beyond to help, creative solutions your team devised to make it work, and people who demonstrated their faith in you.

Take a moment to give thanks.

Perhaps, like me, you’re routinely connecting with family or friends in new ways. Witnessing my children navigate the year’s events with intelligence, resilience and compassion gives me both pride and hope. I marvel at the people they’ve become, with an ever-deepening awareness of the world outside our family bubble and their role in making it better for all. I’ve found strength and joy in my siblings – the wacky, the weird, and the wonderful. Take a moment to give thanks.

These moments feel more precious.

Certainly, the pandemic forced us to pause – even as many of us still hustle to retain staff, promote healthy practices for physical and mental well-being, foster inclusion, and rethink nearly everything about how we live, work, and interact. In that pause there’s also gratitude. These moments feel more precious.

In a world that remains tumultuous, we celebrate Thanksgiving, the US holiday for giving thanks. At the least, we can look ahead with optimism built on the strength of what's worked and the resilience we've already shown.


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