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What Your Strategy Needs Next

Updated: May 10

For many, September means a return to school or work. It's the unofficial end of summer for half the world. Before resuming a pre-summer pace or embracing the rush to year-end, I advise executives to take a moment. A more relaxed (or simply less-frenzied) pace often yields new insights – provided you take the time to seek them.

Be mindful and deliberate to discern what’s been learned, gained, or lost so far this year. Four articles to inspire thinking, create insights, and ignite action.

  • Culture remains a hot topic as companies grapple with continued evolution in work norms and expectations. Assess whether your culture is making it easier or harder to achieve your objectives. Is the Culture You Have the One You Need?

  • Customer retention is a key driver of results in any business. Your front office can be a source of tremendous value and business intelligence. Or, Is Your Front Office Driving Customers Away?

  • Productivity is always important. Yet leader behavior can kill productivity faster than any ill-thought system, process bottleneck, or untrained staff. Learn to avoid key traps. Lessons from Elon Musk: How to Kill Productivity

  • Disruption can derail entire companies. Yet handled well, disruption – or simply, the unexpected – creates tremendous opportunity. To prepare for unexpected events, rethink how you think. Are You Ready to Manage the Unexpected?

Now is the perfect time to assess progress and adjust to achieve your objectives on time. It requires finding the right balance between strategy, operations, and people amid an ever-changing landscape.

What does your strategy need next?


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